Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How old does my child need to be to start classes?


We start teaching children from ages 3 & up.


2.  Does my child need to have previous dancing experience?

 No, here at Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance we teach all levels; but beginners will first learn the fundamentals/basic techniques of Irish Dance. 

3. Do I need to buy special shoes?


For beginners and first year dancers you do not, girls can wear ballet slippers or jazz shoes and boys can wear jazz shoes and sneakers. However, we strongly recommend purchasing ghillies and hard shoes after one year of dance.

4. What should my child wear to class?

T- shirt and shorts, hair must be pulled back away from face. We recommend bringing a water bottle to class. 


5. Do you have to be Irish to Irish Dance?


Certainly not, all you need is a passion and drive to learn a fun, aerobic dance.


6. Do you offer Adult Classes?


Yes we do! We offer fitness based Step dancing for adults, with opportunities to perform! 


7. Will I get to see my child perform?

Yes, we will have many opportunities for your child to perform, from local Irish festivals, to St. Patrick's Day parades, to dance outs, to competitions, to holiday parties, etc. 

8. Where can I register my dancer for class?

We have open enrollment all year long, just fill out the "Contact Us" Form to reserve a spot in one of our classes and we will send you back a Registration form, Tuition Info, Class Schedule, etc.